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Health Issues

Living with a Chronic Illness: Are you Covered?

All around the world, including South Africa, millions of people live with some form of chronic illness. Diabetes, HIV, hypertension – the list of long-term conditions is an extensive one. Left untreated, chronic diseases can result in serious consequences, even death. And while proper treatment

Healthy Living Tips for Better Summer Wellness

Hello, summer. The end of the year is finally upon us, and we’re all itching to swap our suits for speedos and stilettos for sandals. With the days heating up, and the festive period in full swing, it’s time to start winding down for the

3 Steps to Reducing Sugar in your Diet

Does your sweet tooth get the better of you at times? Try as you might, you struggle saying no to that last chocolate bar. Believe it or not, sugar can be an addictive substance. Foods with high levels of sugar cause a release of dopamine,