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Who is Elixi?

Talksure: Talksure Trading (Pty) Ltd: Established in 2010, Talksure is an authorised financial services provider, and offers broker and intermediary solutions with a range of insurance products, including medical insurance and gap cover. Having undertaken much research and analysis of the South African health sector, Talksure identified a need for an alternative to traditional medical aid offerings. By taking great pride and responsibility in being an FSP, Talksure created the Elixi brand to meet growing customer demand in the medical insurance space and provides an affordable option to many South Africans who require access to quality, primary healthcare facilities. (FSP 42788)

Unity Health is a division of Ambledown Financial Services (Pty) Ltd. Their commitment is to the millions of South Africans to ensure they have access to quality healthcare at an affordable price. Their product focuses on the basic health care needs of the majority of South Africans. Unity have partnered with Elixi Medical Insurance to help create quality healthcare at an affordable price. Unity are the underwriting managers on behalf of the insurer Constantia Insurance Company Limited (FSP31111). Unity Health administers the policies sold under the Elixi brand and manage the network of service providers offered by Elixi Medical Insurance.

ER24: Unity Health and Elixi Medical Insurance have partnered with one of South Africa’s top providers of emergency medical services. Their services to Elixi Medical Insurance members includes a 24-hour call centre to deal with emergencies, in-patient and out-patient hospital admissions, verifying membership, and issuing guarantee of payments (GOPs) to Elixi Medical Insurance members.

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