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Medical Insurance Cover for Your Family

If the Covid-19 pandemic has showed us one thing, it's the need for having access to quality healthcare. Many people are unaware that Medical insurance has always been at our disposal as an alternative to more expensive medical aid plans. However, we're excited to see

Elixi Covid Safety Guide and Benefits

The COVID-19 pandemic has made some significant changes to our daily lives, and everything around us has become very different from what we’re used to. We are currently fighting off and dealing with the latest variant of the Covid strain in South Africa, and emotions

What Is a Wellness Screening?

Staying healthy and looking after your wellbeing has always been important! Every part of our lives relies on being in good health, but we only tend to seek medical attention when we become ill. We routinely attend dental and eyesight check-ups, but we underestimate the

Tuberculosis in South Africa

Tuberculosis (TB) is a serious public health issue in South Africa and is currently a leading cause of death for the nation. In October 2020, a World Health Organization report showed that more people are falling ill with TB in South Africa than previously thought.

Why Do I Need Gap Cover

One of the most frequently asked questions clients ask is “Why did my medical aid not cover the full cost of my hospitalization?” I thought I was covered for 100% of the costs. Medical aid, being fraught with small-print, is a minefield for the regular

What is Gap Cover

Gap cover is designed to pay the ‘gap’ or shortfall between what your healthcare provider charge and the rate your medical aid pays. It is the amount that your medical aid plan is willing to pay out for a medical procedure and is usually less

A Guide to Medical Insurance for Retirees

At any age medical facilities and treatment are important, but perhaps as we get older their importance becomes more prominent. We all want to know that in a time of illness or injury that we can access appropriate medical care and be looked after by

5 Reasons to Love the Spring Season

Spring is the season when nature bursts back into life in an explosion of sight, sound, and colour. It's that time of the year where everything in nature is changing and promising new life and new hope. While outdoor activities are temporarily limited due to