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Elixi is a division of Cubix Solutions, an authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP 42788) whose commitment to best practice and exceptional standards has seen them win multiple awards on a global stage. In 2017, after much research and analysis of the South African health sector, Cubix realised that South Africans were in desperate need of an alternative to traditional medical aid offerings. So, in order to meet the growing customer demand in the medical insurance space and provide affordable options to those who require access to quality, primary healthcare facilities, Elixi was born.


In order to deliver on our promise to you, we have partnered with Bryte and Guardrisk who not only share our values and vision, but also our passion for ensuring that every South African is given the opportunity to access quality, private healthcare.

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This is NOT a medical scheme and will not be a substitute for medical scheme membership. It fills the GAP between what
is covered by your medical aid, and the actual amount charged by your medical practitioner for in-hospital procedures.