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Understanding Elixi’s Pre-Birth Maternity Benefits

There is so much to consider once you’ve found out that you are pregnant and looking to introduce a new member into your family. What is probably high on your agenda is having a trouble-free pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Many times, women or their partners aren’t sure if they want a child or not, but they’re not actively trying to avoid pregnancy, either.  While an unplanned pregnancy can be quite a shock, there’s no reason to panic when you have access to our pre-birth maternity benefits.

What is Pre-Birth Maternity?

Also known as antenatal care, pre-birth maternity is the care you get from your healthcare professional during pregnancy that helps minimise any potential harm and concerns for you and your unborn baby.

It’s important to remember that your maternity benefits vary from medical insurance to medical insurance as well as the plan you’ve chosen.

Female doctor performing ultrasound scan on pregnant patient

What is Covered With Elixi?

All our plans offer pre-birth maternity benefits, which provide access to:

  • Gynaecologist visits.
  • Ultrasound scans (subject to a maximum monetary value and pre-authorisation).
  • Unlimited GP and Nurse consultations.

Maternity Benefits’ Waiting Period

Before you can take advantage of our pre-birth maternity benefits, you will need to be an Elixi member for at least 9 months. Most insurers will also have a waiting period before similar benefits can be taken advantage of.

With Elixi, some of our newer members who have recently found out that they’re pregnant can take advantage of regular check-ups with their network GP.

How to Get The Benefit?

To gain access to immediate support, advice and personalised information about this benefit, all you need to do is visit our medical insurance overview page and fill in the call me back form. Our highly trained consultants will help you understand all the nitty-gritty details of our pre-birth maternity benefit.

Getting pregnant, having a baby and being a mom may not be a part of your plans right now, but it is something worth being prepared for! Take care of your loved ones with Elixi Medical Insurance and get peace of mind knowing that we’ll offer you the best pre-birth maternity care – when the time comes to expand your family.

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