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3 Reasons to Invest in a Health Plan

In your twenties, the last thing you think about is your health. After all, what is there to worry about when you’re young, carefree and fighting fit? With the world at your feet and a thirst to succeed, studies, new careers and living life to the fullest are all that matters. Right? Not exactly. While health concerns may feel like a problem for the distant future, it’s never too early to invest in your wellbeing. However, as you venture out on your own for the first time, the onus falls on you to make the responsible decisions. A health plan doesn’t always seem like the biggest priority at that stage in life.  But, you can never be too prepared when it comes to your health.

Not convinced? We’ve got three great reasons why medical insurance is a fantastic idea:

1. You’re covered for what you need

Let’s face it – none of us worries about being sick when we’re young. Before reaching adulthood, you never have to think about the costs of doctors or medication. That’s what parents are for, right? But, once you’re out on your own, it falls on you to make the call. While it may be easy to brush sniffles aside, putting your health first in your youth will put you in good stead later on in life. It’s all about taking preventive measures. Here’s where a health plan comes in handy. Medical insurance provides affordable access to primary care. For a young adult, this is perfect as you don’t necessarily need costly specialist cover at this stage in life. What you do need, is day-to-day healthcare services, such as GP visits, prescribed medication, basic dentistry and so on.

2. Accidents can be costly

As exciting as flying the nest for the first time is, it comes with bills, bills and, wait for it, more bills. With rent, groceries and other daily living costs to figure out, the added expense of a health plan often falls by the wayside. While skipping the medical insurance may seem like a money saver in the short run, it can end up being costly when the unexpected happens. No matter how healthy you are, accidents, emergencies and unforeseen illnesses befall the best of us. To make matters worse, emergency treatment can be costly if you don’t have cover. Not ideal when you’re still finding your feet in life. No one wants a hefty medical bill hanging over their head.

Luckily, young adults can put provisions in place without forking out for an expensive medical aid scheme. How? The answer lies within a health plan offering specified hospital care. If something unexpected happens, you have access to in-hospital treatment without the stress of excessive fees. Elixi provides medical insurance plans which include hospital cover in the event of an accident of emergency for an affordable monthly premium.

3. A health plan is an affordable option

Few of us are rolling in dosh during the early stages of adulthood. No, we’re out in the world working hard, paying off student loans, getting by. It’s no wonder the high cost of medical aid puts us off when considering a health plan. Medical insurance plans, like the ones we offer at Elixi, provide an affordable alternative. While the cover is not the same as a medical aid scheme, it does give you access to valuable primary care, ensuring you have the means to keep your health on track.

At Elixi, we have a range of affordable medical insurance plans providing fantastic benefits like unlimited GP visits, basic and emergency dentistry and more. Request a callback, and we’ll explain just how reasonable our plans are, and help select the right one for you.